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Premio Cartolina® award 2017  

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The award goes to young actresses/actors under 17 years old (from any country) who had a main character or co-protagonist role in a director's original short film with social theme.
For the first edition 2017, Premio Cartolina® (an EventiAvanti>> initiative) will be announced and awarded during Corto Weekend Sacro Monte, a short film competition (to be organized in a weekend) and a short film festival taking place from Friday September 22nd to Sunday September 24th.
In this first edition the award goes to these young actresses/actors:
'Mi amigo Naim' poster, by José Luis López Ortiz

Candela Moreno

10 years - Barcelona, Spain

Main character, as Alba.

SYNOPSIS: Alba, an 8 year old girl who lives alone with her father, comes out one night to throw away the garbage. In a dark alley, next to the containers, she meets Naim, a South African immigrant. Two different worlds will come into contact to show that friendship has no age, color or borders. In the Universe we are all connected.
Sometimes capriciously.

Watch Candela's greetings (in Italian).
'Mare nostrum' poster by Rana KazKaz and Anas Khalaf

Zayn Khalaf

10 years - Syria

Main character.

SYNOPSIS: On the Mediterranean shores, a syrian father takes a risky decision which put his daughter's life in danger.

Watch Zayn's greetings (in Italian).

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'Candie boy' poster

Riccardo Antonaci

12 anni - Viterbo, Italia

Main character, as Leone.

SYNOPSIS: Leone just got an A at school and he knows what to ask his parents as a reward: Candie, the pink-dressed doll.

Watch Riccardo's greetings (in Italian).

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Locandina del film 'Le ali velate' di Nadia Kibout

Damian Lo Pinto

12 years - Bernalda (MT), Italia


SYNOPSIS: Imma must go to Salerno for her niece's birthday and she wants to gift her with a little bunny. Looking on the Internet, she lands at Blablacar, a car travel sharing site. She gets in touch with Nadia, a young arab lady wearing the chador: she too has to go to Salerno with his son for the weekend.

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'Le ali velate' poster, directed by Giuseppe Francesco Maione

Victoria Silvestro

12 years - Roma, Italia

Main character, as Adele.

SYNOPSIS: The movie tells about a father and a daughter mourning the beloved mother and spouse's demise. The father is overwhelmed by the loss and is incapable of taking care of his daughter, so that she finds herself alone. She then begins to seek refuge in a 'magic box' which can bring her back to her lost mother.

Watch Victoria's greetings (in Italian).

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'Mattia sa volare' poster, directed by Alessandro Porzio

Fabio Palmisano

18 years - Locorotondo (BA), Italy

Main character, as Mattia.

SYNOPSIS: Mattia feels like a canary unable to fly.
But maybe it's just a matter of courage.

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